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Appropriate Paper-based Technology  is dedicated to the production of useful articles from waste cardboard and paper. The concept began in Zimbabwe in the 1970s with Bevill Packer, a college lecturer. It has developed and been taken on largely by Occupational and Physiotherapists, and applied mainly in low and middle income countries. In the UK, Jean and Kennett Westmacott have been foremost in developing APT and training others in the technology. supports people with disabilities living in low resource settings by promoting the use of APT and providing training to produce items. It also allows practitioners to share expertise, showcase their products, share templates with others round the world. 

Why Rehab? APT supports the rehabilitation of children with disabilities but also of adults who can start their own business, making APT as a way of supporting themselves.

Therapy equipment


Household items


This can include positioning equipment such as chairs and standing frames but also stools, benches trays and wheelchair inserts. Read more about why these are needed....


Included in the category are toys and educational items




This includes a wide variety of items: bookcases, storage cabinets, tables, tea trays, place mats, pen holders....

Joram chair

Recycle for Rehab

Appropriate Paper-based Technology


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